Headball Championship


The cheering of the crowd and the sound of the whistle echoing through the stadium leaves no doubt: it is time for more Headball!

Strengthen your head and finger muscles for the ball is flying high and fast and you don’t wanna be the shameful player who is going to drop it and let the cheerful crowd down!

Featuring charming pixel art visuals and a mesmerizing chiptune soundtrack, Headball pays homage to the greatest sports games of the 8-bit and 16-bit golden eras of gaming.

Pleasantly difficult and rewardingly addicting, you’ll always find yourself wanting to play “just one more time” to master the game’s timing and beat your friends’ and your own records.

• Play as the retro version of legendary Headball players
• Challenge your Facebook friends to beat your hard-earned top score
• Exactly like playing soccer, but completely different
• Meticulously calibrated mechanics that reward fast reflexes and practice
• Defend insanely fast fireballs and enjoy the crowd going wild

Come and join us at the Headball Cup!
Or are you gonna be the only one out of the new sports sensation?

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